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Room trading


Room Trading -  Thursday Evening
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What is Room Trading?


It's a sort of mini show that has developed over the years at the host hotel, in this case the Best Western - Garden Inn. Some exhibitors staying at the hotel that set-up up at the Veterans Bldg. on Friday will also set-up items to be sold in their room Thursday evening.


“Room Trading” started when exhibitors would arrive at the hotel and after checking in would begin to unload and unpack items in their room in preparation for the next day. As additional exhibitors would begin to arrive, they would pop into a friend’s room to see what it was that they would be selling. Most exhibitors are also collectors who look to “trade” or “exchange” collectibles between one another right there in their rooms, hence the term “Room Trading”. If a trade cannot be agreed upon then one might purchase the item right on the spot.  A common expression heard "Take a look at what this guy has, it'd be a great addition to your collection”, so off they would go to another persons room. Before you know it, guys are darting in and out of rooms looking for stuff. There are additional advantages to “Room Trading” and that would be the chance to see an item or make a purchase prior to the main event. The saying goes “The early bird catches the worm”, in this case, it’s "First Come - First See - First Buy".


It is an odd and unusual thing to stroll in and out of various rooms; about 50% of hotel’s rooms are open for trading on Thursday evening. Looking, trading and shopping but perhaps the most exciting part of it is seeing and visiting with those friends you have not seen since the last show.


If you had thought about coming to the show on Friday, try to come up the evening before. And if the Best Western-Garden Inn hotel is booked up, stay at a place nearby and plan to stop by and experience “Room Trading”.  It is a fun and relaxing way to get a jump-start on the weekend.


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